While the network cable might be the least costly and simplest component of any network it is also perhaps the most essential. Without good data cabling installation and good connections between the network and your devices, there is no communication or internet use happening. No matter how expensive your setup if there are no data cable connections, it is useless. For businesses and homes, having data cabling is important. It seems like a big deal with the trench digging, drilling and so on but running the right cables with professional installers is necessary.

Avoid connectivity issues

As mentioned, voice and data cabling is what connects your telephones, computers, and other devices to the network so that you can interact with the world, communicate, work and so on. Cabling with professional NBN cabling contractors must happen correctly straight away or issues happen. Often when a person has connectivity problems in the business or home, it is from infrastructure and cabling problems not from network problems. If the radius is bent too much, the cable has a kink and so on you get a compromised cable which causes interference.

Tips on excellent voice and data cabling

Here are some things your contractors will need to consider with correct cabling.

  1. Proper planning is essential – Often people do not realise the kind of impact bad data cabling installation can have on their network. The problem is technology is evolving with cables, Cat5e, CAt6A, fibre and more. This means consumers need to consider the options carefully and make sure they are future-proofed as much as they can be. The higher the spec of cable you have the longer it will last and the more that can be done with it. Right now the best is Cat 6 and Cat6A. When choosing, consider what you will need 5 years from now for your business so you plan for growth.
  2. Cutting corners to save costs leads to expensive corrections later – Hire the best people and make sure it is done properly. Sometimes people try to skip things, cut corners or choose cheaper options and all of that might mean later on you need to have it all re-done because those shortcuts break down. Asking your contractors to do it cheaply is not the best approach long-term.
  3. Have your cabling tested periodically – While choosing experienced and licensed NBN cabling contractors at the time of installation it is also a good idea to have it checked and tested now and then to make sure everything is optimal. Run some tests every 8 years or so. If you are moving into a new home, just as you would have a home inspection, perhaps an electrical inspection, also have the cabling tested. Always use only certified professionals and find people who can talk to you about the results or the installation in a way you understand. See if they offer a warranty on their installations too.