Do you have a frustrating pixelated TV screen when you are trying to watch your favourite shows? There’s no need to worry. The experts at Birch Tech can solve your antenna problems quickly so you can enjoy cinema-quality viewing from the comfort of your own home once again.

There is nothing worse than settling down with the family to watch some top quality TV, only for the sound to be scratchy, the screen to be blocky, or for the dreaded ‘no signal’ message to appear. If the problem is acute and short-lived, and you are suffering from the worst thunderstorm in decades, then the chances are that the weather is the culprit.

When aerial problems become more chronic, it can have a massive impact on your viewing pleasure. This is when you need to give Birch Tech a call for a free no-obligation quote. Our local technicians will arrive at your property, assess your aerial issue and suggest antenna repairs that may need to be carried out.

Before You Call…

If you are keen to try and solve the issue yourself, check out these four things you can do:

  1. Make sure every cable is connected securely into the back of your TV and your wall sockets.
  2. If you have a signal booster, make sure this is plugged in and switched on.
  3. Check your TV manual and follow the instructions to carry out a new manual scan for available TV channels.
  4. Head outside your home and look to your roof. Do you see any slippages, loose cables, or breakages on your aerial?

Call In Birch Tech

If you are struggling to solve your antenna issues, give Birch Tech a call and one of our experts will do a full assessment of your antenna system. We will always talk you through what we are doing and what we are checking. At the end of the assessment, we will provide a diagnostic quote that you can take away. This will detail the issue that needs fixing, the repairs we will carry out, how long the repairs will take and how much it will cost you.

We keep our prices as low as possible for our customers as we believe everyone deserves a top-quality digital TV signal.

Your antenna repairs could be needed because of loose cables, poor quality splitters, poor aerial installation, or an aerial that has shifted or become loose. Winds and storms can also damage the integrity of an aerial. In extreme cases, they may even be lifted from the roof. When your antenna is severely damaged, repair is crucial. This is why you need to call a friendly team of local Sydney technicians who have the regional knowledge to fix your antenna issues.

Here at Birch Tech, we will provide a free quote and can fix your issue the same day. We are fully insured, licensed and police checked for your peace of mind. Call today and let us help you enjoy your picture-perfect TV shows once again!

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