A Lead In is the telecommunication cable that usually runs underground in a small trench from the street to the wall of your house. You will need to check what technology type you can get at your address. If you require an nbn Lead In, then you need to know what type of nbn technology will be used to connect your services.

Overview of Lead In Cable Installation

A Lead-In cable is a physical connection between your home and the carrier’s network that allows home phone and internet services to be supplied to your property. Your lead-in cable is the cable that connects your home or office to the Telstra infrastructure. This cable will connect to the pit or pole in the street at one end and the other end to the NBP (network boundary point). This cable can be installed in two ways, depending on if the network is aerial or underground. If your street has pits and pipe infrastructure then it will be underground and if not it will be run up under the electrical line on the telegraph poles.

A Lead In is the physical network connection between your home and your property’s boundary. A Lead In is usually installed underground within a trench unless aerial cabling is already being used within the street. You may require a new Lead-In if you’re requesting a new home phone service, bundle internet service, or cable internet service and your property fits one of the following descriptions: you have a new property, it’s been renovated, or there has been a knockdown/rebuild.

Pain Points

Lead In cables can be confusing and a true pain in general. Most new underground lead-in cable is filled with a gel-type substance to keep out the moisture, and in some areas, it has an especially hardened sheath for the tough Australian biting creatures such as ants and rodents. The type used will depend on the type of network installed within your area. The carrier, Telstra or NBN is responsible for supplying the majority of the network, however, you’re responsible for supplying the trench or conduit to the PEP (Property Entry Point). You may also find that your Lead In cable is damaged. We can locate damaged or blocked underground Lead In pipes, and make repairs to them as required so we can reinstall a new cable. It’s a more cost-effective solution than spending all your money having a completely new Lead In pipe installed. If your premise requires a new Lead-In, the trench needs to be dug and ready before your service can be connected. A Telstra lead-in cable needs to be deep enough to work properly and safely.

Point of Differentiation

We provide superior service and support as we address the needs of both commercial and residential properties within the Sydney District. This allows us to serve an expansive client-base, including larger companies requiring complex telecommunication overhauls, as well as smaller jobs related to home data repairs and renovation. No job is too big or too small for us to tackle, including Lead In cable installation services.

Lead In cable installation is a job best left up to the experts. At Birch Tech, we’re knowledgeable, skilled, and licensed to help you with your Lead In cable installation services. Give us a call so we can send out a lead in cable technician to your location. The lead in cable installation cost varies but we ensure that our services are not only reliable and timely but also affordable.

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What is a Lead In cable?

Lead In cables are the end-point of the Service Provider’s network, which one end is connected to your property and known as the BEP (building entry point) whilst the other is fed from the network, located just outside your property boundary, either from the power pole or the pit underground on the footpath.

What is Lead In NBN?

A Lead In for the nbn network is the physical network connection between your home and the nbn network at your property’s boundary. A Lead-In is usually installed underground within a trench unless aerial cabling is already being used within the street.

What does a cable installer company do?

Cable installers work in homes and businesses to install and repair telecommunications cables; this could be phone lines, internet cables, or cable television. If it comes into your home or office through a cable, then a cable installer put it there.