Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems are an essential part of commercial businesses that need to distribute TV and FM signals to a number of devices. Where live streaming websites and on-demand internet-based services are common for individual households, MATV systems are necessary when a signal is needed for multiple locations. Hotels, motels, offices, apartments, hospitals, and schools are examples of properties that utilize MATV.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) systems are similar, but they can block certain channels and are enabled for pay-per-view.

The main benefit of using an MATV system for a commercial property is to reduce the need for multiple satellite dishes and antennas. Without MATV or SMATV, individual dishes or antennas would be needed for each television. This can be costly and would be visually distracting. An abundance of antennas in close proximity would also cause signal interference and quality issues.

MATV enables individual users to control their devices to access TV and radio, entirely independent of other users.

Importance of a professional Install

The installation of MATV systems requires attentive planning and engineering. The premises must be assessed and analyzed before the job is started. Professional telecommunication services can utilize their experience, expertise, and high-grade equipment to ensure a quality installation. This will optimize the standard of signal for TV and radio users.

MATV systems involve installing two core parts: the head and the distribution system. The head end processes signals using a large antenna. The distribution system is the connection point to the TV receivers. Using a complex and well-designed system, a signal frequency is determined to adequately distribute TV and FM services to televisions within the network.

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Birch Tech consists of a team of highly skilled employees who specialize in antenna installation and reliable telecommunication services.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of service possible. We do this through preparation, planning, and careful execution, using quality equipment and components.

Our best in class services are complemented by the continued support and customer service after your system is installed.

Modern television and telecommunication systems have come a long way since they were first introduced. The volume of signals and technologies that exist in towns and cities makes installation and system performance tricky. It’s vital that you hire a professional company, like Birch Tech, to take care of these services.

How to arrange an installation

If you are interested in providing TV access to a commercial property, where users will require access from several locations, you should consider installing an MATV service.

An MATV service is not only dependable, but it can also give you a competitive edge in marketing terms. If your hotel or business allows access to TV or pay-per-view entertainment, it may entice a customer to choose you over your competitors.

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