Data Point Installation & Repair

Here at Birch Tech, we are experts at getting you connected to the Internet as quickly as possible. While we may be known more for installing antenna systems, we also have local technicians who specialise in data point installation. We understand the importance of hooking up the Internet quickly. You want lightning fast download speeds, numerous data points within your house, and exceptional reliability. Birch Tech professionals can help you with all of your data installation needs.

In the twenty-first century, it’s crucial that your home is online so you can work, communicate, and socialise wirelessly. You need an expert technician to help you decide where to locate your data points and how many you need. Being a regulated industry, you can be certain of a fully licensed team of professionals at Birch Tech that meets all relevant legislation and industry standards.

What We Do

As well as installing data points and helping you to get hooked up to the Internet, we can also move existing data points to more suitable locations within your home. This can stop too many holes from being drilled through your walls. This can also be a cost-efficient way of upgrading your current data installation points.

We can help you to install an ADSL service on the back of your telephone cabling. This can help you connect to the Internet faster via data transmission over copper telephone lines in a broadband capacity. Birch Tech can also provide installation of a cable modem or fibre optic line. Whatever you need, we can help you achieve it. We want to help you achieve the optimum method of data connection for you. We recognise that every home is unique in its data needs.


If you are unsure about your data installation requirements, we can carry out a full assessment of your Internet capabilities. We will explore how you use the Internet, and whether you require speedy downloads or simple surfing time. We can then suggest the ideal data delivery for your home and install the relevant data points throughout your humble abode.

If you need to upgrade a home office environment, Birch Tech can enhance your computer cabling to ensure fast connection to the Internet and limit the WiFi downtime you may have endured in the past. This is crucial if you have virtual meetings or need to be online regularly as part of your job.

Cropped hand of male technician plugging network cable in router cluster at datacenter

Why Choose Us

  • Regulated to deliver data installation to legislative standards.
  • Our expert team have undergone extensive theory, have industry qualifications and have years of on the job experience.
  • Our team is fully licensed and police checked for peace of mind.
  • We provide free no obligation quotes.

At Birch Tech, you won’t find us going for a hard sell or putting pressure on you to buy. We allow our work to do the talking. If you need new data points installed in your home, or you need your current data installation upgraded, give us a call at Birch Tech. Our friendly expert team is here to help.


How to contact us

If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message. For anything more specific, please use one of the addresses listed below.

Direct Line Numbers

1300 287 256

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