There is nothing worse than buying a perfect television after agonising over the decision for ages, only to realise that you’ve mounted it on the wall slightly off centre. TV wall mounting can be more difficult than it might look.


Most of the time, when people choose a television in the store, they also take into consideration how it is mounted. All stores will use a professional to have the TV installation done, which is why they look so good.


In the wrong hands, TV installation can cause damage to walls, or have a new TV fall completely off the wall. Not only that, but it can be wonky and unstable when it is installed by someone who is not a professional.


And for every TV there are a number of different brackets and wall mounts to choose from. From flush to the wall, swivelling, or ceiling mounted. Which is why it is better to speak to a local expert like Birch Tech if you’re in Sydney.


We will be able to give you information on optimum placement, and the best bracket to suit your needs and room size.


Something that many new TV purchasers do is buy the wrong cabling, or don’t have a TV bracket properly fitted. Hiring a professional will remove all instances of incorrect cabling,


It is not uncommon for somebody who has just purchased a new TV, to also get accompanying soundbars and other speakers. There are methods for installing soundbars and speakers properly to make sure that you get the best sound quality possible.


Birch Tech takes much pride in setting up your sound system as we do in making sure that your TV is exactly the right height for you too.


You can get in touch with Birch Tech today, one of our friendly members of staff will be able to talk you through exactly what you need and book your appointment. Birch Tech can professionally install your TV onto your wall, and hide all of those cables. Our experienced technicians are happy to take care of your TV wall mounting in Sydney.


When you book a TV wall mounting with Birch Tech, your TV will be secure and safe, which is particularly important if you have small animals or children in the home.


When you take a new TV home, it is likely that there will be additional points that will require a connection. And during the process, if you are unsure of how to do this, you may experience drops in service.


TV wall mounting combined with our outstanding antenna installation service will mean that you can sit down at the end of your first day with your new television with complete confidence. You will experience the highest quality sound, the best picture, and have none of those messy wires bothering you. And the peace of mind that your TV wall mounting is safe.


We are able to work with a number of different TV brands and TV mounting brackets. Which gives you complete control of the look and feel of your mounted TV.


Book Birch Tech for your TV wall mounting in Sydney today.

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