It doesn’t matter if you live in a single-story home or a 40 story building Birch Tech can design and install your Foxtel satellite needs with ease.


Foxtel services are transmitted over a range of network cables or via satellite. Due to progression in the Foxtel industry, all future Foxtel installations will be using satellite transmission. Installations for Foxtel are specialist products and therefore, cannot be performed by an antenna installer. This is where Birch Tech can ensure you get the highest quality service by professionals.


We have the additional expertise, training, and experience to design a system and install the satellite dish for you.


Here are the number of parts you can expect to have in your Foxtel installation:


  • Low noise block down converters, it will be single, double or quad input.
  • Headings are typically TDT, five ways or satellite multi stackers.
  • Multi switches can be arranged with different inputs and outputs. This will depend on the type of system and the number of outlets in your system.
  • Line amplifiers
  • Power inserted
  • Satellite dishes are available in a variety of sizes and depends on the type of installation you require


In addition to those, there are a number of other specialized parts that will work in unison to combine Foxtel with free to air TV channels, CCTV system cameras, and in-house channels. Birch Tech will take all of your needs into consideration and create the perfect installation package for you.


When looking for your ideal Foxtel installations in the Sydney area, Birch Tech is your number one choice. We have a range of qualified technicians, and some office space design staff that have incredible knowledge of the correct Foxtel procedures. Not only that but we only use Foxtel approved equipment and are Foxtel compliant when it comes to our installation standards too.


This means that your Foxtel installation by Birch Tech will be right the first time.

Can I have Foxtel in multiple rooms?

Many people in the Sydney area think that the only way to get Foxtel in more than one TV in the home, is to subscribe to additional Foxtel boxes. However, Birch Tech is able to take the signal from your single Foxtel box and deliver that channel to many different TVs in your home. This is without the ongoing subscription fees to multiple boxes. Birch Tech is so experienced that there is a range of ways we can help you get your Foxtel signal from a single input to various devices.


Birch Tech is ideally situated in Sydney,  and we can deal with any size home or commercial building. We can even arrange your installation in your new home ahead of you moving in, so all you have to do is plug your Foxtel box in.


So if you are looking for the number one Foxtel installation company in Sydney, give Birch Tech a call today. We are incredibly proud to offer a courteous and professional service that is unique to your needs. We only use the highest quality materials and parts, they all come with a warranty.

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