Most people nowadays have at least one TV  in their homes, many have two or more. While a lot of these have cable, satellite or digital platforms they use, there is still a need for a TV antenna outside. Some people use it as a backup in case they need it, some are trying to lower their bills and using an outdoor antenna is cheaper than those other options. Some just don’t need or want the modern alternative. In such cases, if there is no antenna, you need antenna installers, or if it is not working properly you need them to repair it. There are several options for outdoor antennas so having some experts help choose the best one for your location and needs is a good thing.

Outside Antennas

When you are living in an area outside of large towns and cities you are more likely to need an outdoor TV antenna. They are mounted outside the home, usually on top but sometimes out front on rods or decks. Issues with reception and signal loss are possible if the signal is not strong or the antenna is not installed professionally.

Before you buy one some things to know

Here are some things that are good to know before you buy an antenna.

Antenna installation

Often people think about installing the TV antenna themselves and then wonder why they have an accident, or their reception is not great. The fact is installation is always optimal when done by installers with experience. There are a lot of safety issues especially if you are up on the roof, weather conditions have to be considered and the direction and position of the antenna is key to getting the best signal.

Costs of antennas

You can get a range of prices on antennas depending on the type, brand and complexity of the antenna you are interested in. The more simple you keep it, the lower the price of course. Price is not always an indication of quality so paying over the top for an antenna does not mean you are getting the best option for your location. Talk to your installers if you need advice on what to buy for your budget and location.

Consider where the best signal is

Your location has a big impact on the type of antenna you want and where antenna installers choose to place it during the installation. Apartment or house, urban or rural, location and position all affect the signal.

Think about what is on the market

As already outlined there are a lot of choices on the market so make sure your options suit where you are. Some are great for cities and apartments, but not as good for houses, some are designed for rural locations where the signal might be harder to pick up.


Before you arrange a professional antenna installation consider where you are, what kind of antenna you might need and how much you have to spend. Talk to the installers about the best position for the antenna and about how to avoid signal loss.