NBN connected, but no internet

Quick Troubleshoot: If you find all lights on the modem are in green but no internet, then it could be that the problem is related to no data being transmitted through the modem. Please connect your computer directly to the UNI-D port on your NBN connection box without the Telstra WiFi modem connected. If this doesn’t fix your issue, follow these steps: To immediately fix this issue, we suggest resetting your Telstra WiFi modem to the default settings. Follow these steps: Step 1: Locate the small rest-hole that’s usually located between the two USB ports. This can be found in

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Points To Be Considered Before Antenna Installation

Most people nowadays have at least one TV  in their homes, many have two or more. While a lot of these have cable, satellite or digital platforms they use, there is still a need for a TV antenna outside. Some people use it as a backup in case they need it, some are trying to lower their bills and using an outdoor antenna is cheaper than those other options. Some just don’t need or want the modern alternative. In such cases, if there is no antenna, you need antenna installers, or if it is not working properly you need them

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Data Cabling Installation Will Help Keep Communications Going

While the network cable might be the least costly and simplest component of any network it is also perhaps the most essential. Without good data cabling installation and good connections between the network and your devices, there is no communication or internet use happening. No matter how expensive your setup if there are no data cable connections, it is useless. For businesses and homes, having data cabling is important. It seems like a big deal with the trench digging, drilling and so on but running the right cables with professional installers is necessary. Avoid connectivity issues As mentioned, voice and

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What is the right way to install an antenna on the roof?

While in today’s world of internet-based services there are fewer people using their TV antennas to get a signal for TV, many people do still want to have the option to pick up the terrestrial-based channels. For some, it is because these are free. Over three-quarters of the people with traditional TV have it for that reason, a free place to catch the news and watch some sports. If you want to access those channels you need to find antenna installers near me to put up the antenna if you do not have one. Here is a look at the

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acma nbn technician

Finding ACMA Registered NBN technicians

As NBN takes over how Australians use our phones and the internet, both at home and at work, it makes sense to find a local and highly qualified NBN technician. Someone skilled and trained who understands the technology that you can call on when you need them. Sometimes problems can arise that fall out of the NBN network so you need private NBN technicians. In these cases, you want ones who are ACMA registered. This means they have gone through every hurdle and test to be registered technicians with the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Look for experience and training

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lead in granny flat

NBN lead-in cable for Granny Flats

If you are looking for technicians to put in lead-in cabling to granny flats for NBN you need to find an experienced and professional cabling company.  Here is a look at some of the things involved with the process. The process is easier with conduits! Granny flats vary in how well they are designed and thought out right from the planning stage, so how easy they are to connect varies. That of course affects the price of connection. If there has been a conduit placed beneath the front of the house that leads to the granny flat, that makes it

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