The government has plans to change the way people in Australia access the internet by majorly boosting the broadband speed for millions of homes in Australia.

NBN technicians have been working hard to develop the NBN cabling to upgrade the performance of broadband speeds. This upgrade will be made available to everybody that wants it at their own expense.


Labor had original plans for 91% of properties to have this super-fast interest, however, there were delays for NBN technicians due to policy changes and decided to scrap the original plan.

NBN cabling has been developed so that it can power faster broadband services which are highly talked about and focussed on the ensure people are aware of the potential of faster broadband and they want it.

NBN has invested a lot of money into the development of this super-fast broadband and is therefore currently at a shortfall with money, this is not concerning, however, as there are plenty of people waiting to get their hands on this super-fast broadband.

There was a major policy change in 2013 which prevented the development of this super-fast broadband, this change was due to official ministers deciding that having super-fast broadband was not an important necessity. Luckily, for the people of Australia, over time ministers have realised the benefits that having fast broadband boasts.


Originally it was thought that 91% of homes would have this super-fast broadband by 2021, however, the plans being halted have delayed this.

Communications minister, Paul Fletcher has recently spoke openly about the rise in demand for super-fast broadband and how it has been heavily influenced by the recent pandemic, Covid-19.

The pandemic lead to a lot of people being stuck in their homes with limited things to do, fast broadband would have eased a lot of people’s boredom during the various lockdowns and it is imperative that this is put in place as life has shown how unpredictable it can be.

When there is a higher demand on the internet, naturally the speed decreases, this is the case with a lot of people still working from home at the moment.


Whilst NBN is spending an absolute fortune on upgrading internet speeds this is a long-term investment which is very sensible and cleverly devised.

Fast internet speeds are no longer a luxury as all around the world there are great, fast-speed internet providers that are accessible and available at your fingertips.

The speed of the internet is ever-growing, 3G is quickly replaced by 4G and 4G is quickly replaced by 5G. This means that the internet providers are constantly working hard to find quicker alternatives as they develop their internet speed.

With the internet being widely used by anybody and everybody it is important to continue to develop your speed and product so you don’t get left behind the revolution.