In the right circumstances, the NBN in Australia is the reason for the growth in the digital economy there. For many businesses it is providing reliable and fast broadband meaning more businesses are connected, more can have a presence online and more just online businesses can develop and grow. It allows for better interaction, more efficient day-to-day work and better flexibility. NBN cabling contractors are helping the network become a key part of that growth.

Understanding what the digital economy is

When economic activity is taking place thanks to technology that allows you to go online that is the digital economy. It can be businesses that have physical locations and then also sell products or services online, or it might be one that is based completely digitally. Most businesses have some form of digital presence, social media, marketing, emails, cloud storage, employment and more. Any activity that is digital makes it a contribution to the digital economy. When the internet has a role to play in the success of a business it makes sense that the network is a huge part of its growth and success.

How the NBN has a vital role to play

The NBN is playing a crucial role for and more Australian businesses. Connecting them to a reliable internet with high capacity and speeds gives a real edge in the business world today. Whether you are a start-up, small business, growing or large, the quality of the connection you have to the internet is important for your success. It translates to the quality of service you provide and the quality of the goods you offer. NBN installation contractors cannot just offer better internet to Australian businesses. It improves eCommerce, eHealth, education, social inclusion, offers flexible working hours, sees advances in science and technology and more.

Five years has seen a lot of demand for reliable and fast connections

In 2016 Australians had downloaded ten times the data from the internet than they did 5 years before that. But in the last 5 years, thanks to COVID-19 things have changed even more. How we live our daily lives is so different. People working from home where possible, studying from home, more online shopping, ordering medications online, doing banking and bill payments online and more. The demand for reliability and speed has grown dramatically for the digital economy and for people in their homes. Now more than ever NBN cabling contractors are in demand to keep people connected in a difficult world.

Meeting the demand COVID-19 places on the network

As a result of the increase in demand and traffic steps have been taken at NBN co to ensure you have access to Netflix and can work from home. Thanks to NBN installation contractors this includes things like;

  1. Increasing the capacity of the network without additional costs to alleviate stress because of the high demand of users.
  2. Focussing on making sure the network remains reliable as numbers online increase so there are no drops at really bad times.
  3. Making sure even in times when workers are encouraged to only come out for essential work, technicians and contractors for the NBN remain available for installations and repairs.